Born in Paris in 1994, Ackah-Diaz spent his childhood in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) before moving to Geneva in 2008 to continue his studies during the political and military crisis. In 2011 he moved to Paris where he now lives and works.

Ackah-Diaz is a self-taught painter who began by writing poetry. His poetry now guides his compositions, accompanies his paintings while drawing grids of metaphorical readings.

Through figurative works, Ackah-Diaz proposes an abstract social satire. His work is filled with questioning figures immersed in enigmatic landscapes with fiery colors.

With no preparatory work, Ackah-Diaz’s tacitly political scenes emerge as cries questioning the established order. In his work, Ackah-Diaz tries to re-establish a virtuous dialogue between the elements, men and the stars.

The recurring character, often androgynous, who seems to be the central element of the composition, is influenced by his environment, borrowing its colors, textures and forms. The hills in the background, symbols of the quest for harmony, appear obsessively, like a praise of the stone, which, crumbly, polished by the wind and eroded by the waters, loses nothing of its thousand-year-old quietude. Within this peaceful nature, this recurring character seems to be part of a whole; yet, he turns his back to it, looking away.